Sohail Rana is a household name in Pakistani music and a living legend. He is by far, the best music director we ever had. His insight about the folk and classical music of the east and the technique and styles of western music (Harmony, Chordal structure, Instrumentation and Orchestration) is distinctly reflected through his each and every conposition. He knows music like nobody does. Sohail Rana now resides in Toronto, Canada. This website is to honour his work and pay homage to one of the biggest music directors of all times. We salute you Sir, you are simply the best.

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Sohail Rana, the son of renowned Urdu poet Rana Akbar Abadi, was born in his native city, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India, to a highly literary, academic and respectable family. They all migrated to Pakistan after partition. Years passed by and Sohail Rana successfully completed his primary and secondary school education in Hyderabad, Sindh -Pakistan.

He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Karachi through D.J. Science College initially. Later he received his final B.A. degree from National College, Karachi. Sohail Rana met Waheed Murad for the first time at a get together at Waheed Murad's party in Karachi.

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